Every year EPF Missions Committee sets a budget, makes a commitment to our missionaries, and challenges the congregation to give out of their blessings and help to spread the Word of God around the world. 

Our missionaries are called by God to go from their homes to touch lives and make a difference for the Kingdom and we are excited to be a part of it in whatever way we can.  Every one of our missionaries is grateful for the support they receive from others as they trust God to provide for their needs.

The 2018 missions budget is $9,900 and we invite everyone to be a part of the exciting work as little or as much as they can.  You will be blessed by your giving and know that you are a part of something greater than yourself that will have an eternal impact.

Our current missionaries are:

Rod & Kaja Corcoran ~ Estonia

Brother's Keeper Ministries ~ Zambia

Family in Southeast Asia


Funds are also directed to Home Missions which supports the work of Saskatchewan Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) right in our province. This includes struggling churches, Horizon College & Seminary, and Living Waters Camp.